A Daisy Fell From The Sky Today…
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  • A great concept

    A great concept put into motion needing visibility

  • Not enough room

    For 12 years there has not been enough room in our home for 8 people. Soon 3 of them will be in college and I much prefer tripping over each other than to hear the silence.

  • Aggravation!

    Sometimes people insert themselves into our lives. I guess it’s good sometimes, but not with spammers.

  • Kids

    I love my children so much.

  • Frank

    Frank died last night at home. I found out in an e-mail. It’s just so strange, to get an e-mail.

  • Staying Nice

    When you have a boss that does not even try to help while they watch you juggle multiple clients it is hard to smile at that boss. I don’t know why some people feel that they have a right to mistreat others?

  • Good Day

    A good day is a day when you’re not in the intensive care unit.

  • friends

    sometimes ife surprises you with a gift that you never knew was possible.

  • Letting your guard down

    The problem with flying with no armor is that you have to indur the bow and arrow that makes a direct hit.

  • Saying Things

    For years now I’ve been telling my son to “be happy”. And he argues about why he shouldn’t have to be. Yesterday he told me that today I should be happy today. I tried to argue with him about why I should have to.
    If you go around saying things…

  • Light

    Today I was with an old friend. I had no idea how much light he had to offer me. It’s hard to see the light that those around us have, until we look at it. Then, it can be truly awe-inspiring. The light was right there the whole time.

  • Hurting

    It’s so amazing how we are going around hurting other people, and we didn’t even know it, and we didn’t mean it. We were just going about doing the best we can with what we’ve got, and they got hurt because we weren’t exactly the way that they wanted us to be at the time. There are so many people hurting over people not doing anything really other than just being people.

  • illness

    Illness comes and takes away something that you didn’t even realize you were supposed to be appreciating, and then it’s gone. Sickness is different. That’s when the illness is allowed to take you away. So you have to be sure that all you have is the illness. Illness + Loss of spirit = sickness. Illness with preservation of spirit = illness. I won’t be sick today. I’m going to just be ill.

  • Hard Days

    It’s a very hard day today. The tired feeling makes it hard to focus, hard to go on, hard to be nice. At the end of the day today, it will be the end of the day: another day that I had. It’s hard to know and let the tired distract me.

  • Nice

    I wish I could just be nice all of the time. It’s much easier said than done for me.

  • The rotation

    The perpetual rotation of your list always throws me off after a brief pause.

  • I wish

    I wish I could curl under your arm and let everything go while you make feel like I am in the safest place in the world. I just wish I could.

  • Busy

    Sometimes the word busy makes you feel good and wanted. Right now busy makes me feel like there is no down time. I want busy to be a thing of the past…at least for a few days. I want to enjoy the people in my life and see their smiling faces.

  • awful

    it was an awful day. everything was wrong. And the worst person of all, the one that was supposed to really make a disaster was actually great. He told me that his great fear was failure to go all of the way with treatments, and it made him someone that I can understand. He quit being a big shot who is always in charge, always dictating, always fighting. And he shared with me, like a human. Then, he was easy to help. In the middle of the worst day ever, the worst patient of all turned out to be the best.

  • Smile

    I know I made someone smile today; someone who doesn’t smile. It’s not much, of course. But it’s something. This is so much more than nothing. So today I succeeded at work. The rest is nonsense.

  • Release

    I did not realize that by posting to daisypost I could just feel better and that all is well. You have to go there and do it, actually, to know and have the feeling. It took a while, putting off, like we all do. Procrastinate -Is that how we spend our lives instead of just doing, with forethought but just doing it. You will accomplish something always because it is better than never stepping forward and acting. Procrastinating is no good. Doing is great!

  • It frightened me.

    My arm is better! But last night when it hurt, I imagined all kinds of things. My blood pressure is up and I thought I might be having a heart attack. I only thought about one thing-Taking care of my “Kindies”. But now like all pain it is forgotten and that is good. How about you?

  • Sorry

    I said I was sorry. I took responsibility for my actions wihtout blaming others. I tried to explain my actions, my lack of skill and my deficiencies. I wasn’t able to fix the hurt I created, and I acknowledged that. And I wasn’t able to promise that this will never happen again. So I said that I was working on trying to get better. That’s all I can do.
    And I got lucky, because he felt better.
    It wasn’t a great apology, but he made it be good enough.

  • Days

    There are days when all I have to do is fight against the despair. If I don’t despair and I get to the end of the day today, then I win.

  • At the office

    I was at the office all weekend. I like it when you are here, everyone does. You don’t always come. I guess I should just be happy when you show up and not be upset when you can’t.


    My son is amazing. It’s not that I don’t know that all of the time. I always know that. But sometimes there are these moments when it hits you like a sledgehammer on the top of your head – maybe because you weren’t paying attention, maybe because you needed a reminder, maybe just because – for no reason, really.

  • a child who hears the unspoken

    Some children hear the unspoken. With these special children you cannot tell them they misunderstood the invisible thoughts in your head because it is the only language in the world that is perfectly clear. If you try to talk them out of what you both know to be true, it only creates a feeling of isolation and no child wants to feel alone.

  • Family

    There’s nothing like coming home to your family. Everyone is together and happy and it trumps all other excess things that happen in the world. If the outside is a problem, it’s no match for the warmth of your family.

  • Daisypost

    Daisypost is like being able to hand my personal journal over to my sister, my boyfriend or my best friend and it only shares the page I want to share with them. Everything else is for me only. Someone very special to me said how there always seems to be some part of your personal writings you want to share with someone but you don’t want to share the entire journal. I can do that with daisypost. My words, my place.

  • Honesty

    This Angel came to my door today! She said, “I’m so sorry I ran over your mail box about a month ago. I was texting. I’m so, so sorry, let me pay for it!” The money doesn’t matter, the honesty was awesome! Love my neighborhood!!

  • Home

    We’re home again! Ahhhh so happy to be where we’re comfortable with all around us! Change is good!!

  • behaving

    Behavior happens even though there is Love. Sometimes it’s hard to see the love through the behavior

  • I can’t shake it

    I can’t shake the power of his strength or lack of strength. It does not matter which because the feeling within me is heavy and empty at the same time. Why can I not shake the feeling and regain the strength I had before his response to me. To those with the power, please help me find the strength to move forward and not want to crawl in a hole.

  • birthday

    Some birthdays are more important than others? Maybe not, but the one I´m referring is really important for me, my mom, my husband and my kids. It represents the integration of a big family starting a lovely close contact.

    So, Happy Birthday hermanito!!!!

  • Every moment counts

    Sitting quietly in the same room with my little girl. She’s so beautiful! I’m going to miss her this winter…Dang I’m lucky to have her!!

  • “A Good Day”

    “A good day is any day that you’re alive” I don’t konw where that quote originally came from. I heard it from Carl Westerberg, but I suspect he wasn’t the first one to realize it. Today, you were alive. It was a good day.

  • silly

    Everyone was stressing about all of the stuff that had to get done and the disruptions created by the work and the change and the situation and the growth. Fighting with each other, and taking each other for granted. And no one was dead or even sick with a major illness or disease, or even with a minor cold for that matter. It was just silly

  • Rings and Things

    Her ring on her finger! So fast but they are now moving along to a new beginning. Mix emotions for I like her and he’s like a brother to us! Sad but glad…..

  • Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit

    Always say rabbit, rabbit, rabbit when you first wake up on the first of the month before you say any thing else! It will bring you good luck!

  • Tashie

    Congrats to our Tashie. 95% improvement in academics since her transfer to the charter school. Qualifies for the school scholarship! Dad would be proud!

  • Rain

    Rain brings sunshine for safe travels. Packing with a smile!

  • Daisy

    Each Daisy Petal holds love. There is no love me nots!

  • Medal

    I hope I bring home a medal for my JT.

  • Anger

    I wish I didn’t feel anger at all anymore. I’ve felt it for so long. It’s almost like I don’t know how to deal with things any other way. I pray for peace. But it seems to elude me most of the time. I hide it pretty well. But it would be nice to wake up one day witout having to think about every day problems and just be at peace with a new day. Heck every day should be looked at like a blessing since we even woke up. So, please Lord help me to let go of it.

  • Anger

    I wish I didn’t feel anger at all anymore. I’ve felt it for so long. It’s almost like I don’t know how to deal with things any other way. I pray for peace. But it seems to elude me most of the time. I hide it pretty well. But it would be nice to wake up one day witout having to think about every day problems and just be at peace with a new day. Heck every day should be looked at like a blessing since we even woke up. So, please Lord help me to let go of it.

  • Today

    I will discover that I can go a few miles away overnight, and my family will love me just as much and maybe even more because they are happy I am pushing my fear away. And maybe they will remember this time for me, if in the future, fear keeps them from doing something healthy for themselves that will allow them to grow. This really is like a daisy falling from the sky, because this is so unusual for me to do and I have spent a lifetime watching how easy it is for others to do. I guess we all have something that is hard to do that is just everyday life for others.

  • brother

    my brother visited from college today…so happpiiiii yeeeee

  • post

    I’m going to post so much that daisies will be falling out of the sky. AND THE BEST PART IS NOBODY KNOWS WHO I AM…i’m like mystery woman or man? who knows.

  • im jus sayin’

    the owner of this website needs to create an app…but like seriously. get on the stick.

    weeble wobble weeble weeble wobble wobble….that would have been so much easier from my iPhone I’m jus sayin’

  • overalls

    I’m going to get a pair of overalls and nobody is going to stop me >:)

  • LP

    LP will die soon. She knows it. I know it. And we’re both taking care of her husband at her expense. He has no ability at all to help her. He is too lost in himself

  • Beautiful site!

    I received a link from a friend today and I’m Looking forward to using it daily!

  • turkeys

    today the turkeys are trying really hard to get me down. I have to keep saying “don’t let the turkeys get you down.” It’s not really working for me today. So I’m going to just say to myself “Thanksgiving is coming. – HA!” I know it’s not all that nice, but there are days…

  • better than I thought

    This site is the only site I have ever found that creates a sense of sharing where I do not feel like I am talking to myself or worry that my posts have to make some impression that results in the “judgment of thumbs.”

  • time

    The list of things to do is growing at an exponential rate. My mind has turned into a bowl of spaghetti and I cannot compartmentalize anything at this point. This would be a good time for a waffle brain so I can go from one square at a time to stay focused. I have gotten really good at making lists of things to do so I don’t forget. I seem to be in a constant state of panic worrying that I have missed something. My husband always says that your demise is what ends your list, so that is not a good alternative. Keep moving forward. Posting is probably not on the list, but the outlet calms my thoughts. Ok, get mark, get set, go!

  • I looked for someone

    I looked for someone who could understand me. When that did not happen, I molded myself to be someone who could be understood. Now I realize I have not reached my potential because I took away the part that was willing to fail and disappoint others. Without that, success is never at a level it could be.

  • good

    I think that my presence must create some good for some of the people some of the time. Some of the time there’s nothing I can do other than just be there. And I guess that will have to be enough.

  • To J and C

    To J and C: I have felt you suffer the pain of having a mother with Alzheimer’s and also having the role of being the sibling closest to home. As you face the day to day trials and tribulations and then share the moments with family and friends, I dedicate this garden to you and everyone else who knows of a life with Alzheimer’s.

  • Alone

    for the first time in 40 years I am not alone – in any way

  • A daisy fell from the sky today

    Today the site I imagined became a reality. I hope that it brings some relief to everyone who finds themselves amidst chaos…even if it is for just one moment.

  • Get Up!

    It’s not good to sit all day. especially in front of a computer.

  • small blessings

    sometimes you have to fight for even the smallest of blessings but today the fight was worth it. someone is going to get the help they need because of the muscles I showed. my cup runneth over :)

  • hello

    ****** **** ****

  • February 16, 2012

    Dear Dave, may your soul find a peaceful place and your family feel the warmth of you looking over them and feel consoled by knowing you are with them. ICL

  • Loss

    Things have happened that are too hard to comprehend.

  • Heartache

    Watching someone desperately navigate a territory that would be hard for the strongest of people is heartbreaking.

  • My 7 year old

    He was so happy walking into school and the moment he walked into class, Icould feel his sadness. The teacher works hard to make her kids thrive and love school in spite of the regulations she is forced to abide by. But no matter what she does, she cannot hear another child completely ignore another child for no reason. Those are the moments that hurt so much.

  • There are those who give

    and there are those who take. I always can relax around those who give by not taking. I wish that I had the power of fight within me to say “stop it!” But, the takers have so much energy to fight for the right to take. And I have an uncanny ability to understand and justify the actions of the takers so the fight is not in me. But I am starting to get really ticked off! Really ticked off!

  • needing others

    I saw a show about a woman who was 600lbs and was completely dependent upon her husband for everything. She had to feel so vulnerable to whatever her marital circumstances were because she could not move. Today I saw a patient who was too scared to leave the patient’s room to go to the restroom because she was afraid she would miss the doctor. The vulnerability of needing others creates a prison of sorts, unless you can find a way to escape it.

  • some days

    some days it’s hard to get started, hard to know how you’re going “to do it”, hard to find the strength to go on and the coffee doesn’t seem to work.

  • one day

    one day I’m going to work for my wife

  • mice

    where is the woman? Wait, maybe thats the point!

  • mice

    The best laid plans of mice and men

  • smh

    isn’t school a place for learning? LOL suck2suck. it feels really great to actually start learning after 16 years of my life…SMH

  • double win

    hey i kinda like this posting its really fun and i can vent to a computer and procrastinate at the same time…DOUBLE WIN

  • doing it

    i really just want to dance instead of tennis. I play tennis to make my dad happy and for the past 5 years i have convinced myself that i like it…when in reality i don’t! and maybe if i actually enjoyed playing tennis i wouldn’t suck at it. BUT DANCE makes me lose track of time. I’m doing it and nobody is going to stop me & IM GOING TO BE GOOD AT IT:)

  • I could have

    I could have kept driving today and not turn around.

  • Daddy daughter dance

    Did the person who thought up the daddy daughter dance think about the kids who have dads that don’t live in the same state let alone who forget to call on birthdays?

  • All these symptoms

    All these symptoms are the result of my cancer and treatment for that. But a little part of me worries that something will be missed if no one looks at the possibility that my body has something else wrong with it that has nothing to do with the cancer. But at the same time I do not think I want to know if there is something else going on.

  • I know

    I know I am supposed to find the positive in all things but this Alzheimer’s thing has created a challenge with no clue anywhere that I can see.

  • Sometimes

    Sometimes I would like it if someone called out to me just to say hi and not with requests or to tell me things that need fixing. I only feel this way a couple of times a year so I never ask for it because the feeling is gone by the time I would tell someone. So today I will just write about it.

  • What Steven Hawkings doesnt understand

    I know that im only fifteen years old, but even that seems long enough to be able to tell when something is wrong. i hope soon enough that my light will go off and i will be able to make a conscience decision beyond holding someones hand.

  • -_-

    im tired and unmotivated

  • Am I going to regret

    Am I going to regret the many things I shared with you? I don’t think so but I don’t like that I even came to the point to have the fear go through my head. It makes me feel vulnerable. It makes me want to stay away.

  • Please do not convince me

    Please do not convince me that there is nothing after death. Knowing he is with me is my security blanket in life and I do not have the strength to have it any other way.

  • Am I next?

    I see what my mom is going through trying to take care of dad; yet I can’t help but worry that I am going to have alzheimer’s.

  • crossing every “t”

    I am trying to cross every “t” and dot every “i” but the conveyor belt of words is moving faster than I am able to keep up. – icl -

  • my daughter

    She’s watching TV, which we took away, and I think something more than time going by should happen before she gets her privileges back.

  • The house must feel so empty

    The house must feel so empty for my dad even though my mom is there with him. I don’t know how he is doing it but he is so committed to taking care of her no matter how often she forgets who he is.

  • I couldn’t wait to get through school

    I couldn’t wait to get through high school and then college and then graduate school. Now that I am here, I decided to go back to high school. I want to be that teacher that makes the students not wish their days away.