A Daisy Fell From The Sky Today…
DaisyPost…a place for the moments that make up your life story.

What Is DaisyPost?

Daisypost is a place to:

• Create a garden of – private journals- that reflect each area of your life.
• Keep some of the garden journals private and choose some to share.
• Send invitations to registered friends and add them to your friends list.
• Invite a friend to share a garden journal with you.
• Fill your gardens with the moments that make up your life story.

You can create special gardens where you choose who may see or even comment on the posts.

You will need to register with DaisyPost to create a private garden. Anyone you’d like to share the garden with will also need to be registered. You control who sees what by inviting members into groups. Click here for a complete explanation of the private garden system.