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Private Daisy Gardens

How to Create a Private Garden
Most DaisyPosts are anonymous. You might like to create and save a garden that you could visit from time to time. You may also like to share that garden with other registered DaisyPost users. That’s where private daisy gardens come in.

Click here to set up a new account
Click here to log in to your existing account.
Click here to find your friends who have registered in DaisyPost
Click here to find gardens who’s creators have chosen to share them with everyone.

How to Create an Account
1. Click the “Set Up a New Account” link above or you may click the “Sign Up” link in the blue menu bar at the top of the page.
2. Complete the sign Up. You need to choose a username, screen name and password. Click the what is name button. DasyPost will send you a confirmation email. Click the confirmation link and you will be redirected back to DaisyPost. That’s it you’re a registered member now and you can log in from the blue menu bar at the top of the website. Most private garden activity starts in the blue bar

How to Manage your Private Gardens
You don’t have to share your garden with anyone, but if you choose to share for garden you will need friends within DaisyPost. Click here for a list of Daisy Post members. You can filter the list and send friend invitations. Once the invitation has been accepted you can invite them to any of your private gardens.

Later in the Garden Creation Process your friends may be invited to your private gardens.
Once you have registered or logged in you will have access to the Private Garden Menu Bar. From the menu bar you may access your different gardens and interact with other DaisyPost members you have friended.

How to create a Private Garden
1. Go to My Account (in the blue Menu Bar at the top of the page) click Create/Find A Garden or scroll down to Create a Garden and click there. Either will take you to the Create a Garden Page.
2. Fill in the form fields then Click the button Create Garden and Continue.
3. Click the radio button for”This is a hidden group” otherwise anyone can see what is written in your private garden.
4. Set Group Invitations to “Group Admins Only. The other settings will allow other members to invite their friends without your approval. You can choose how invitations are handled for your garden.
5.Click Next Step
6.Click the names of any friends you would like to include in your new garden (if you would like to share your daisies with them). Then Click Finish.